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One of Szuter Treatment Systems many services is commercial lift pump repair and replacement service. Most commercial plants in areas without sewer accessibility including some with sewers use pumps to move the wastewater from the building to a point higher in elevation for the purpose of treatment and or disposal. Over time, the devices involved can fail as they do have a finite life expectancy.

The other day, I went to a site to address the failure of such a system. In this case, the failure caused a backup at a dog grooming and boarding business. They had first called a septic tank pumper who was able to empty the tanks and give them some capacity to continue to use the facilities.

The control panel had a total failure in which it failed to control the pumps. Alarm function also failed due to failure of control board power. This device uses a low voltage transformer with circuit board that also malfunctioned. Even though there was power to the panel, when I traced it through the board, it did not flow through the transformer.

Because of the age of the panel, a replacement board was not an option. I was able to find a replacement panel for this application through a few sources and as it turned out, my usual supplier had the best price. They always have provided me with top quality merchandise and this time they had it in stock and immediately shipped it.

Even though the panel enclosure was a little bit larger, mounting it was not too difficult. I did have to modify two of the mounting brackets, and shorten the supply conduit length. Within 90 minutes, I had installed and tested it. It worked perfectly. We had nice weather for the end of February. As sometimes necessary we worked on a Saturday, but this time we rewarded by a quick payment.

If you have or know of someone who has commercial property with one of these commercial sump pump systems, keep Szuter Treatment Systems in mind next time the red light comes on or you notice a problem with your wastewater flow.

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