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Szuter Treatment Systems recommends clients know about ways they can protect and ways that inadvertently damage their septic system. One thought about things you put down the sink: “If you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it down the sink drain.”

  • Only bath tissue can be flushed down the toilet. Your tanks are holding tanks and the more stuff you put in them that doesn’t break down, the quicker they will fill up and need pumped. Household chemicals such as gasoline, paint, medication, antifreeze and pesticides can damage bacteria in the septic system and should never be flushed or dumped down the sink. Detergents and bleach can enter the plumbing system in moderate amounts.
  • Trucks, cars and heavy equipment should not be driven on or near the drainfield. Their weight can unknowingly damage tanks and components.
  • When landscaping only grass should be planted above the septic tank and drainfield. Trees and shrubs can hinder servicing and roots can get into piping and cause trouble.
  • If any digging is required near the septic tank or field, it should be done by a competent installer with knowledge of its components and location.
  • Water infiltration can adversely affect your septic. Gutters, downspouts and surface drainage should be directed away from your system. An over-saturated drainfield can retard the water treatment process and cause plumbing fixtures to back up.
  • Remember every bit of water you put down the drain must go somewhere. Any household water waste should be avoided. Quite often a leaky toilet or fixture can cause an overload on your system. Taking shorter showers and not using a garbage disposal are ways to limit water use.
  • Spread out your laundry if possible. Doing all your laundry on the same day can put a stress on your system and shorten it’s life. If possible do it at least twice a week if you have alot to do.

Don’t wait for a costly breakdown to find out what’s going on with your system. Call Szuter Treatment Systems at 440-669-7014 to schedule an annual septic inspection today!