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Inspections service is available for both residential and commercial facilities by a bonded, insured, licensed inspector.


Site plans, consulting, and design service is available with planning price deducted from system installation when you chose Szuter Treatment Systems for installation.

Services - What STS Septic can do for you!

Services Szuter Treatment Services provide vary greatly, so does the cost of these services. With low overhead and efficient use of time, Szuter Treatment Services offers you affordable solutions.

  • Estimates are free!
  • Free email and phone call support to public
  • Normal service calls are $135
    • This includes drive time to and from worksite (up to 30 minutes each way)
    • Up to 1 hour at site
    • Paperwork and documentation as required by health department
  • Quick service calls are $85
    • All visits requiring less than 30 min at site and drive time
    • Service prices do not include any parts if needed
  • Inspections are between $120 and $275
    • Inspections depend on the accessibility, system age and documentation requirements
    • Inspections do include dye testing if necessary
  • Site Plans, Consulting, and Design
    • Design work done at reasonable rates
    • Design work price deducted from system installation when you chose Szuter Treatment Systems for installation service
  • Excavating and Drainage Projects
    • Excavating and drainage project can range from $500 - $50,000
  • Septic repairs, alterations, and installations
    • Szuter Treatment Systems provides free estimates
    • Competitive pricing is our policy
    • New or replacement systems can run between $5,000 and $25,000
    • Lifetime warranty on workmanship
    • All parts utilized will be guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year, new system components carry a 2-year warranty, sump and effluent pumps have 2-year warranty, and new Aerators carry a 3-year warranty
  • Commercial Lift Station Pumps
    • Commercial lift pump repair and replacement service is available
    • Backup systems and alarm installation and replacement
    • Call for a quote
  • Delivery Options
    • Installation of any non-stocked parts is without any extra charge above initial service call. If parts are not available during initial visit, no extra charge is incurred for the 2nd trip to install
  • Payment Options
    • Most major credit cards, secure online PayPal payments, checks, and cash are accepted.

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