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Since septic systems perform essential functions underground and out of sight, it is not uncommon for a homeowner to not have any idea where the septic system is located. This is usually not an issue except for when it comes time to inspect or pump the tank!

The following techniques can be used by Szuter Treatment Systems to locate a septic tank if the homeowner does not already know where it is:

  • As-Built Drawings. There are sometimes drawings that the local county health has on file from when the system was installed. They can be somewhat vague but provide some starting points. Systems installed before 1965 might not have any such record.
  • A previous owner may be contacted.
  • Newer tanks contain risers that rise visibly above the ground surface.
  • A thin metal rod can be inserted into the earth and used to probe a suspected area. It is important to do this gently and only in soft, wet soil to avoid damaging the tank and associated pipes. A shovel can also be used but it requires a bit more work.
  • A metal detector can be used if enough tank components are metal.
  • A camera with a locator can be placed in a cleanout to show the distance and location of the sewer line.
  • The greenest grass in a yard is often directly above the septic tank. Snow also melts faster above the tank than in the rest of the yard.

While these are not foolproof location methods, they have been known to be helpful.

Don’t wait for a costly breakdown to find out what’s going on with your system. Call Szuter Treatment Systems at 440-669-7014 to schedule an annual septic inspection today!